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May 2024 - Art Nouveau; Villa Esche

Villa Esche
Villa Esche

The art nouveau villa with park was designed in 1903 by Henry van de Velde as a total work of art for Herbert Esche.

Villa Esche designed by the Belgian artist Henry van de Velde is deemed to be a historical monument of European rank and is - apart from the department store Schocken by Erich Mendelsohn, the Kaßberg, as one of the largest completely existing districts in Art Nouveau and Belle Epoche style, and the imposing buildings of industrial architecture - amongst the outstanding architectural feats in Chemnitz. 

Having finished extensive restoration work, the Villa Esche now houses Germany's first Henry van de Velde Museum and is used as centre of communication and convention for business, art and culture. Thus it takes up the spirit of the longstanding friendship between the entrepreneur family Esche from Chemnitz and the Belgian artist Henry van de Velde. The Henry van de Velde Museum shows exhibits from the extensive collection of the Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz: the ground floor with dining room and music lounge, largely furnished in the original, gives an impression of the unique ambience called "Lebensräume" as designed by van de Velde. A permanent exhibition in the former bedroom, children's room and bathroom on the upper floor allows a look at the multi-faceted works of the versatile artist.

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